VM strategies is proud to provide Oracle Application ( ERP ) solutions to fortune 1000 companies. We consistently provide sublime solutions with respect to Supply Chain Management for our clients worldwide. We believe in continuous up gradation of employee skills and we have always kept training as an essential tool for sustaining in the market for both their business consulting and project requirements.

Urgent Job Requirement !

Other resourceful training programs modules over next few months include:
Oracle Applications          Oracle Database ( Development )
Data warehousing           Siebel CRM  



VM Strategies is uniquely positioned to cater to customers� requirements with quality and innovation, the best of talent, self sustaining process ... more

Our Advantage

Industry Experience

Vertical Markets

Certified Professionals

Highly Trained Resources

� System Security & Audit
� Designer/Architects
� J2EE Developer
� Developer - SQL Server
� DBAs Oracle/SQL Server
� Project Managers
� Business Systems Analyst
� QA - .NET / Java/SAP/...

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